Friday, July 18, 2014

Bubble Dress Take Two

Three weeks ago when the winter school holiday just started I sewed up a bubble dress for C to get some holiday spirit in her.  She loved the dress and have worn it a few times already during the holiday.

I had the last bit of leftover thick muslin polka dot fabric which I enjoyed so much making two things already out of (here and here). The first time I laid eyes on the style I wanted to use a similar fabric.

I was so happy with how it turned out. The fabric has been a joy to sew with. I even moved the couch away from the wall, so now I get a big piece of white wall for the photoshoot, instead of always having a doorknob or cat scratching board as some bonus feature. The couch was a lot lighter than I thought it would be. I'm kicking myself for not having done it earlier.
Bubble dresses are fun to wear and here is madam bouncing about in her merry spirit.
Of course we had to schedule some cookie and milk break for the shoot.
Until she decided to haul out her bicycle and use it as a prop.

M got this bike for her maybe 1 year ago from an antique shop. It reminded him of the bike he had when he was a small kid so he had to get it. This bike weighs a ton with solid tires that never require pumping. To be honest,  I don't see C learning to balance on that thing in the near future.
And another break studying her pretend cards and deciding which one to use to swipe for her "supermarket" ride.

I spent two nights sewing up the dress. After I finished up the skirt part on the first night, I totally fell in love with that bubble skirt. Even C said to me the next morning that she only wanted a bubble skirt now. I could stop right there and just add a waistband, or carry on making the bodice part. I went with the dress option. The thing is with a simple t-shirt over the bodice part, it becomes a super fun and bubbly skirt automatically. Now there're two ways to wear it.

Sewing makes me happy. Happy Friday everyone.

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