Saturday, July 12, 2014

Animal Love

Childhood in a big and crowded city of a 20-million population is different from one with nature and open spaces. I spent my childhood in a 2-bedroom flat, and I had very limited connection with animals. I did have animals throughout my years growing up:
  • Baby chicks and ducklings that turned into big chicken and ducks that our balcony couldn't accommodate anymore
  • One squirrel that lived in a cage and enjoyed its hamster wheel. We gave it away after 6 months
  • Silk worms I got outside the school gate that were so well fed and transformed into moths and laid thousands of eggs in my shoe box
  • Tadpoles that I got from the same place decided to grow into frogs just in a few weeks
  • Two budgies that stayed with us the longest eventually were adopted by my aunt
  • A very spoilt rabbit that refused to eat any stem part of a vegetable

C is very attracted to horses (pegasus and unicorns). We frequent this little horse spot just outside the city, especialy during the holidays. I think these horses are on a good diet of apples and carrots, just seeing all the treats they get from visitors.

It's always wonderful for me to see all these animals openly available for the kids. Somehing that I never experienced when I was small.

I hope this little one never grows out of her love for them.

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