Monday, July 14, 2014

An A-line Dress

It seems Chiara's more determined than me to make all the styles in Girls Style Book. She now requests which style she wants. The fabric shopping and pattern browsing have ignited her enthusium towards wearing clothes made by me and my sewing addiction is very well satisfied. Win-win.

She's chosen a very simple style this time. It's like wearing a big pillowcase? Since the off-cut fabric I got from SA Interlining was a non-negotiable 2.3 meters, I still have plenty left-over even after this dress.

I used up the bias tape from the last project. And I've found so many styles in the book call for bias tapes, so it sped up the sewing process even more.
The dress is pyjamas like in the picture above. The sizes from the book jump from 100cm to 110cm. Chiara's height is currently in between so of course I had to opt for the bigger size. As a result, I'm churning out a summer wardrobe (for when summer hits here in December).


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