Monday, June 2, 2014

Sally Dress I Did It Again

This is the first dress I accomplished this month. Another Sally Dress from Very Shannon. The one I made before using a 5T bodice for my 4 1/2 -year-old was a little roomy. I very much intended to make it into a 4T dress this time, but I stuck to a size 5 again after discoverying a much bigger jump on the pattern between size 4 and size 5 than between other sizes. Seeing some 5-year-olds at school totally convinced that there's some big growth between age 4 and!

I made the dress a little too big again. Next time! If I ever make it again, I will definitely absolutely use a size 4T bodice.

Although I did fold up more at the bottom for the hem, so she enjoys her pockets more.

There's quite a procedure to put the whole dress together, especially this lined bodice. It even involved hand sewing. The whole time I was wondering how clothes are made commercially.
 I usually don't iron... anything. But since I've picked up sewing, it is inevitable. So now I find myself ironing only the clothes that are made-by-me. Such a hypocrite ......

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