Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Sadie Tunic Top/Dress

It's the second pattern from Shwin Designs I've tried in a week's time. Considering my sloth productivity, that's a lot. I love the way they write their instructions. Simple and clear. Both garments were super fast and easy to put together.

It's a little too short to wear as a dress, but C insisted on having some legging-less shots due to our one-day heat wave in the beginning of Cape Town winter.

You know how much little girls (or boys) love their pockets. They are not just there for the hands.

They are there for the little treasure hunt. These jet pockets are my new favs.
Mommy look how many leaves I've got in my pocket.
To me, the buttons and pockets are the highlights of this top/dress. Love the details here and there on a simple cut.

I'm now starting to enjoy tracing and cutting out sewing patterns. It's still time consuming but not everything needs to be done in a rush, no?

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