Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Long Waited Pattern Books

Let me start by saying that I'm lucky to live in a city like Cape Town. With breathtakingly beautiful mountains and oceans, I wake up everyday reminding myself how lucky I am. BUT, there's a downside of it, more so now that I am in the sewing world.

The fabric resources and sewing books are very limited. I've searched high and low for some Nani Iro fabric, so far no luck. Some locally milled "designer" fabric can cost up to R600 (US$60) per meter. Outrageous! Book shops usually don't stock a wide range of sewing books. *sigh*
Ok the negativity stops here.

Two weeks ago (it felt so very long ago though), I ordered three Japanese sewing books online. Today I received two out of the three.

I literally ripped the package open, took out the books and started reading with Chiara --- her telling me which style she likes and me getting to flip through the pages without the background "mommy, come play with me" chanting. Win-win.

The instructions are not what I had in mind. They are way simplified than the indie designer versions I've been using so far. Confession --- I far prefer the written-for-dummies version. The book geniusly put 24 patterns on 3 big front and back sheets. Wow!

A long ruler, a can of coconut milk, a pencil and one roll of freezer paper. I'm totally in the zone. Memory brought me back to geometry homework during school years...

You get 20 to 24 patterns per book. This is better than any other deals I've seen so far. What do you say?

Happy sewing.

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