Sunday, June 29, 2014

Holiday Bubbly Dress

The winter school holiday has officially kicked off. We are about to have great fun together all day long, C assures me that.

While she's taking care of our holiday activity plans, I made a dress from one of the Japanese sewing books I ordered recently. It's the cover dress, which Chiara and I fell in love with straight away.

As you can see, we even had a holding-a-plate-of-cookies photo shoot. The cookies, however, magically disappeared during the shoot.

I mentioned in a previous post that the instructions in the book are very simple (not vague, simple), and that I preferred the detailed version from indie designers. I take those words back. The instructions are enough for me. I'm at a level where I'm able to figure out and put things together by myself. Really proud of the progress I've made in a short amount of time. :-)

There are more pattern pieces to cut compared to PDF patterns I've sewn from so far. For example, usually the skirt part from a PDF pattern is made of 2 rectangles; the skirt part of this pattern is made of 2 trapezoids, front and back pieces slightly different to each other. Just shows you how much the designer puts her effort into the work to make the fit and style perfect.

I didn't add the ribbon around the waist. This fabric is busy enough for me.

And also didn't make the head band, yet.

I've started to work on another pattern from the book already. However, C's requested a dress with one shoulder strap. I'm really over-joyed that I get a lot of requests from her lately. My to-sew list is definitely growing longer.

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