Monday, June 16, 2014

Elsa Dress x 2

C's invited to a Frozen themed birthday party. It's like her dream coming true. We are big fan of the movie here. She went through a stage that she had to dance to all the songs every single night. The theme song is so powerful and it's definitely my most hummed song at the moment as well, especially during the shower.....

A while ago I mentioned that C would ask for the same present that we bring to a birthday party. That hasn't changed. My plan was to make 2 Queen Elsa dresses. I looked at the versions on pinterest when the movie just came out. They're beautiful, but truth be told, I wasn't (and still am not) ready to draft my own pattern yet. You can imagine just how excited I was when I found a princess dress pattern at Create Kids Couture.

The pattern calls for some intermediate sewing skills, which made me hesitate. I think it's mainly because of it's shirred back, which I only found out much later.

I've never done shirring before. In fact, it's the first time I heard about the term. I would usually call it elasticated back before my sewing addiction kicked in.
But, there's no way turning back, I had to finish the two dresses in a week. It's like a moving-from-beginner-to-intermediate graduation project.

I made it!!!
She much prefers the version with simple plain fabric, than the one below.

which we wrapped up with a cape as a present.

Coming back to the one I made for C. She wore the dress the whole weekend, playing with Lego, climbing the cat tree, riding scooter.

She's asking me now whether I can make the dress Elsa wears on her Coronation Day.

Thank you for having so much confidence in mom's sewing skills, and a pass with distinction on that graduation thing I mentioned earlier.
Moving on to my next project.
Happy sewing.

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