Sunday, June 22, 2014

Crocodile Farm Visit

It was beautiful and summery day here in early winter. We decided to head to the Le Bonheur Crocodile Farm. Actually I told C last night before bed that we'd take her there, so this morning 5am sharp, she woke up and told us she's going to the crocodile farm and that she's going to touch baby crocs, and feed them with chicken. She went back to sleep straight after uttering her wishes. Thank goodness for that!

This must have been the baby croc that came to her dream this morning.  The skin is still soft and not hard and scaly yet. It feels ... ahem ... like soft cold leather. I'm sure it will become some nice handbags one day.

The tour guide put double elastics around the mouth. Can you still see the teeth? Something I learnt today --- the inside of a crocodile's mouth is yellow and you still see all the teeth with its mouth shut; while with an aligator you don't see the teeth when it closes its mouth and it's pink inside.

Of course, at a crocodile farm, you don't just see one baby croc, you see hundred and thousands of them.

I had to use my phone to take these pictures, a little blurry, but you get the idea. Apparently there are hundreds of them under the water still.

Something else I learnt today --- the crocodiles with thick tails mean they're well fed.
I'm not so sure what it means with these two guys and their fat tummies.

The place is super kids friendly and it has a nice cafe and playground as well. It's so totally worth the trip.

Bye crocs. Enjoy the sun and the lazy days.

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