Friday, June 13, 2014

Chicken Sausage Roll

Who doesn't like chicken sausage rolls?
C was very addicted one stage that she would request a chicken roll for lunch everyday. I made a rule --- she can only have one on the day that she has ballet extra mural. Two favorite things happening in one day. Ballet day is truly her highlight of the week.

I used to get the chicken rolls from one particular Woolworths on way home from school. One month ago, the shop announced that they wouldn't be selling them anymore. What a blow. So for 3 weeks now we have to go a little further to a different Woolworths. You know me, homemade is always better than shop bought. I discovered this recipe.

The ingredients are reallly simple. Chicken breasts, bacon, sundried tomatoes and some spices.
Super duper easy to make. I made these while M took C to school this morning. Father's Day morning meant extra time for me to make chicken rolls. Thanks!

They are a grow-up version compared to shop bought. Sundried tomatoes and bacon add extra flavor. Everything tastes good with bacon, no? They are, however, not approved by my picky-eater. Maybe like I said, too much grow-up flavor....

The recipe is definitely a keeper for party snacks. Yum!

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