Sunday, June 8, 2014

Bias Tape and Weekend Roundup

My productivity is below low these past two weeks. C had 3 school days off due to some religious holidays and that meant I was on a full-time entertainment mission. Even right now with the cartoon on and I'm on my laptop, she says "mommy, you're not watching with me".... I keep reminding myself that I'm a mother first and she's only small once, and that I should treasure every minute I'm blessed to spend with her. My mother-in-law phoned this morning and asked me if I was still sewing..... that says something right?

On Saturday night, while I was reading Dana's tutorial on to make bias tapes, I was drawn to the movie M was watching called Non-Stop. Good movie. Result was I spent the whole movie reading the tutorial.

Love this little bias tape maker. Very easy to use and churns bias tape like a machine. Really, a little machine.
A super nice way to use up all your left-over fabric. I'm definitely making more of these.
Since not so much dresses happening lately due to printer problem/pattern shortage. I looked up online for some mouth-watering Japanese Sewing Books. Love the style. Simple lines with details. Below are the books I've ordered.

Have a great week ahead.

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