Tuesday, May 13, 2014

How to Make an Infinity Scarf for Kids

The weather's getting chilly in the mornings and evenings and it's definitely time to sew up some scarves. As I'm a sewing newbie, what's easier than an infinity scarf for the kids?

material you will need:
1 x long piece of rectangle fabric 125 x 40 cm
or 2 x rectangles 63 x 40 cm, if your fabric is not long enough
woven or knit

For the 2-piece rectangles, put right sides face together and sew them up at the width.

I used the knit fabric so it's not necessary to neaten the seams. If you have woven fabric, you can zigzag it or use other finishing stitch.

So now you have a long piece of fabric. Fold it in half length wise, right sides face together, and just pin and stitch.

Machine neaten the edges. I happen to have this "overlock" stitch on my machine.
 Looks pretty much like a serger's done its job.
Now you should have a long tube. Turn the seam from the side to the middle then iron it to one side.
Turn the tube right side out. How does that look? Almost there.
Find the seam from both ends, then align them under the foot and start sewing.
It gets tighter and tighter towards the end. Turn the fabric and do a topstitch to close it.
Job done!
How many infinity scarves are we planning to have this winter? 30?? Sure thing!

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