Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Homemade Fish Fingers

I stopped buying supermarket frozen fish fingers about 2 years ago, since I'm all into homemade it food or clothes...
Anyway, my little madam started to eat a lot of fish fingers. It's easy, tasty and nutritious --- definitely the homemade version. I was aware of the funny things (like colorant, preservatives, and all the other long chemical names that I can't even pronounce) they put in the supermarket frozen version, thus this homemade version was born.

Let's talk about more about these fish fingers now, shall we?

Things you will need:
400g white fish fillet and cut them into strips
about 80g cornflakes
1 extra extra extra large egg (if your egg is little small, you might need 2), beaten
salt and pepper to taste


Pour your cornflakes in a freezer bag. Seal tightly. Get your rolling pin out and start grinding the cornflakes.... into this:

Beautiful golden crumbs

Season your fish.
From left to right are fish stripes, beaten egg(s), and cornflake crumbs.
Dip your fish strips to the beaten egg, then coat them nicely with the crumbs.

Ta-da. A plate full of happily coated fish fingers ready for the pan.

Drizzle a little oil in pan then fry them in batches. Now you could cook them in the oven as well, but I find they tend to turn out a little dry. Drain the oil on paper towl afterwards.
That's what you serve a fussy eater, with potato mash and apple.
Happy eating.

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