Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Circle Skirt + Infinity Scarf Combo

Now I may have taken an intro course at Elves at Work (a great place to get basic knowledge about sewing) a year ago, but really I learnt most from online tutorials especially from a blog called MADE, the simple skirts and circle skirts...They really ignited the sewing enthusiasm inside me and I just can't stop making them, and Chiara can't stop twirling around in them.

I made this circle skirt a while back and the other day I found some leftover fabric...

This is what happened --- a matching infinity scarf. yay!

She really likes it and wears it day in and day out. Perfect for those chilly autumn evenings at the park. It's so easy to make, even easier than a circle skirt (!!) I'm definitely making more with a tutorial.

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