Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Brookyn Dress My New Challenge

After sewing Janey Dress 3 times over, I definitely gained confidence and was ready for a new pattern. Got the pattern again from Sew Sweet Patterns. Oh boy, was it a challenge for me!

I got stuck first with the lining. It's easy to sew up the lining and bodice together but somehow I found it quite a mission to do some neat stitches at the front in order to hold the lining in place with the bodice. That comes with practice I suppose. Thank goodness I used this small floral pattern fabric in a darkish color. The stitches are almost invisible. ha!
The second challenge was the buttonholes. I had never sewn them before. In fact, I had been avoiding projects where buttonhole (or zips) are involved. But hey since I'm taking this hobby seriously, I just had to give it a go. A few online tutorials (here and here) later, I was still at a loose end. I realized each machine's different when it comes to buttonholes. So I dug out the user's manuel that I had never touched once before. You know what, after some testing on scrap fabric, I made my very first 3 buttonholes. Very proud.
I find this dress most beautiful when it's in motion. So I followed Chiara around while she's on a cleaning mission.
I'm really happy with the way the dress turned out. What makes me even happier is now she asks me to make her new dress all the time. Bet she's got more faith in my sewing skills than I have myself.

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