Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Bows Talk

The sewing is a little slow this week. W've had so many problems with our wifi printer over the months and eventually we took it back to the shop last weekend. But... but I'm a sewing newbie and still building up my PDF pattern range. What am I going to do without a printer?? Try Burda patterns you say? Well..... I just don't understand their intructions at all. Far prefer the ones with step-by-step detailed picture explanations from "boutique" sellers. Yes, taking them to a printing shop will be a great idea, since our printer is not coming home anytime soon.

So while on the look for new things to sew, I organized some fabric stash and found that I was left with a little bit of white shiny linen fabric after I made this Sally Dress. I went to my old and faithful blog MADE and followed a bow tutorial. Used up all the scrap fabric and produced these 3 bows....

Did I forget to mention they are huge??

I attached it to a thin headband and .... madam's not very impressed.

This is sad that I could even find one plain tee. Plain tee with nice soft fabric --- I'm on it.

I'm sure I'll give them a permanent "home" someday soon. For now, I'm putting them for safekeeping, just because, every little handmade thought is precious. :)

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